Here is a video from the last Kickstarter that a nice intro to the series and my first book.
I will replace this with a specially made video later on.


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order our first book - out Now! 

60 pages of great B/W Fun. Ordering the first book (printed or e-copy) at

CARtoons Issue 36 Dec./ January

Return 2 Sender -Initial B, Find out who The Pirate Ghost Drifter is and why he wants Tach. This is the final installment of the year-long story.

CARtoons Issue 37 Feb./ March

Monkey Theft Auto, Li'l Kookie and Sparky go on a virtual auto crime spree. Can they stay free or will The Man get them... or The Mom?

BOGM 2 Book in production!

Hopefully some time this Spring,, I'll be Kickstarting thesecond book. Covid willing I might get to a couple of shows with it.

CARtoons Issue 34 August/ Sept.

I did the cover & poster for Cartoons!

Bet The Planet book

A Barrel of Grease Monkey story, How to Build an Electric Car, is going into this collection of environmental stories. More info. as it becomes available. They are looking for a publisher now.

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