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Weird Joe Krazy is a native of Southern California living a stone's throw from San Bernardino and Route 66. Sometimes he works under the Alias of Joe 5 or Joseph A. Krejci 5th. He hopes to someday get a rad Woodie Wagon and has owned several piles of junk, I mean "Classic cars". 

Joe has a BFA in Art/Illustration at CSULB and Master's classes at AAU. He has done artwork and designs the U.S. Air Force and L.A. Times. Winning awards that most people never heard of before. He has taught at places like The Art Institute of California, ITT Technical Institute and any alleyway he can make a buck.

Despite that almost impressive list of accomplishments He still likes to play with cars, watch old comedies and cartoons, read old comics, comic strips and their Japanese equivalents.​

He's been drawing since he got his crazy hands on a box of crayons and hasn't stopped for long since.


For past 30+ years, he's been doing his comic Elsewhere. It was internationally available through a major distributor and come back as an online comic.


Barrel Of Grease Monkeys has run regularly In CARtoons Magazine since issue #10.


Often his work is also found in anthologies and lining bird cages.

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